Property details

  • € 1495000.00
  • Type: Commercial building
  • Area: 1495.00m2
  • Sofia, Bulgaria

Real estate in district "Nadezhda", Sofia

Commercial building, Violetka street nr. 2, with an area of 1.495,00 square meters, with a building of 465,00 square meters on it

Parcel with a commercial building
• Single-story commercial building of approximately 465,00 square meters with flat roof, walls in metal panels, bad condition

• Pentagonal-shaped parcel of 1.495,00 square meters

• Topography of the terrain: Mainly flat

• Apart from the building the parcel is mainly vegetated with grass, bushes and trees

• Adjacent roads are paved with asphalt

• Adjacent tramway paved with asphalt

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