Property details

  • € 4759500.00
  • € 4759500.00
  • € 4759500.00
  • € 4759500.00
  • € 4759500.00
  • Type: Land
  • Area: 50000.00m2
  • Elin Pelin, Bulgaria

Industrial property in Elin Pelin

On offer is a very future-proof industrial property of 50.000 m² in Elin Pelin.

Elin Pelin is the first city located at Sofia’s fringes. This independent municipality has seen quick development due to the proximity with the capital. A lack of development industrial property is present, due to strict regulations for the protection of agricultural land. On offer from CdF Europe is a very future-proof industrial property of 50.000 m² in Elin Pelin. We can guarantee that you will receive all necessary permits within a very short time frame for building and starting all your activities. Optionally, we also has a 4.750,00 m²  property in Elin Pelin.
Elin Pelin is located on Sofia’s fringes (10 km) and is perfectly accessible using the excellent road network. Given that Elin Pelin is an independent municipality, very short procedures are present for obtaining the necessary building and utilization permits. We have local contacts in the city, enabling quick project realization.

Technical information
Our 50.000 m² site has all the necessary for a fast deployment of all your industrial activities. This location is a perfectly suited for storage and distribution, but also for heavier industrial activities.
In the same municipality, we are also offering another 4.750,00 m² (54,000 square ft.) property.

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